by Amy S Cutler

What is this?

Who’s this I see? Walking under my maple tree.


A man, he appears to be all alone, fresh funeral clothes, so far from home.

Head in his hands, a crack in his heart. Emptiness, loneliness, so far apart.

He has staggered here under the full moon, right near the spot she met her doom.

No gun for her, no tears left to cry, just a tiny razor to help her die.


Caw caw, caw caw! I watched her die, called out to her, to say goodbye.

She smiled at me, gave a tiny wave, the final act she would take to her grave.


The man, he sees me in the trees, stops for a moment, falls to his knees.

He cherished her so much, I can hear in his cries, love lost forever, he doesn’t know why.

So full of grief, he cannot see, her hands outstretched, but he sees me.


Why did she do it? He shouts my way, I wish I could tell him, can’t find a way.

I don’t know why she did it, but she’s still here, right behind him, shouting in his ear.

I’m sorry, so sorry, my love, she tries, but he can’t hear her, the whisper slowly dies.


Caw caw, caw caw! I flap my wings, her voice to me sounds like when an angel sings.

How can he not hear, the voice so sweet, she tries but only meets defeat.

A sound so small, he may never hear, what a shame because she is so near.


The man holds his knees and is sobbing now, knows he has to move on, but doesn’t know how.

With his true love gone, he seems lost inside, better to stay here. Better to hide.

He curls up on his side on the soft forest floor, finally falling asleep, he can take no more.

She comes to him then, puts his head on her lap, cuddles up close and watches him nap.


I can feel the sun’s warmth, it is starting to rise, it is time now for her final goodbyes.

When he opens his eyes, for a moment he sees, and the angel before him floats off with the breeze.

He embraces the wind, there is joy on his face, and in a whirlwind of pleasure they share an embrace.


I’m so sorry, she says, and this time he can hear, for when you are a part of the breeze you are impossibly near.


The reasons don’t matter, you left me too soon, and I couldn’t find you in the light of the moon.

He hugged her, and kissed her, and held her so close, only he didn’t realize she was already a ghost.


Caw caw! Caw caw! It is time to go, for someone important is watching the show.

Her granddad is here, to escort her home, once again leaving the man all alone.


But he’s not all alone, I’m high up on my branch, so I go to him, I take a chance.

I softly land, he pats my head, he tells me how his dreams are dead.

I wish I could help him, and maybe I can, for even a crow can be a best friend.

Together we move through the forest, the trees. He smiles at me, and I know he is pleased.


Hope grows where the light can shine, and in my small amount of time,

I’ll love him ‘till it’s time to go. Until the end.


With love, the crow.