Amy S. Cutler

To Have and to Hold

An Agreement of Souls

Amy S. Cutler

A Shadow of Love

“A spooky love story that gets your heart racing and your spine tingling!”

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Amy Sampson-Cutler

Amy Sampson-Cutler is a writer who earned her master’s degree in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Her work can be found in Tales to Terrify, wow-women on writing, the Pitkin Review, Wellness Universe and Elephant Journal. Her writing focus is suspense, horror, poetry, science fiction, and the occasional love story.

Amy S. Cutler - Fiction Writer & Author

"A Shadow of Love" is not only full of bumps in the night (though make no mistake: there's plenty of that!) Equal parts spooks and heart, this novel is a dark yet hopeful story of rebuilding, of recovery, and of letting go. Amy's tale is a celebration of personal regrowth, pushing you to embrace your full self even in the face of abuse and regret. This is a paranormal romance that's at once harrowing and sweet, haunting and heartfelt. It's filled with a realistic small-town cast of characters, each full of personality. You can't help but root for them right to the thrilling end.


– Tarver Nova


Sampson-Cutler's prose is so confident and intense that it grabs you from the very first line and doesn't let go. Her unique voice switches gears between gentle melancholy and total creepiness so effortlessly that I felt like I was reading a true master of the genre. Even the first few pages are so topsy-turvy that I was hooked right away! Simply put, I love Sampson-Cutler's writing. I can't wait to read more from her.


Sam Rebelein

AUTHOR, Fifteen Smells for $12.99

A spooky love story that gets your heart racing and your spine tingling! For those fans of the Ghost and Mrs Muir who always wanted more, look no further.


Alexandra Angeloch


A.S. Cutler seamlessly weaves the macabre with the modern, the occult with the psychology, and the supernatural with the everyday. As Annabelle separates from her old life and into her new, we're led to ponder the interplay between the tangible and intangible, the conscious and subconscious, and the very nature of our own reality.


Vincent deDiego Metzo

AUTHOR, My Mother’s Daughter and the New Rules of Time Travel series

I loved this clever idea for a love story. Absolutely loved the story and book.


– Laura Antonovsky

I really enjoyed it. I thought the book was an easy read. Very easy to get engaged in and want to find out the ending.


– Michelle Sawicki

Great first effort from this author! It was a page turner for sure. It was easy, simple reading with a great flow to the excellent and innovative storyline, I always wanted to find out what happened next! It is a love story, it has darkness, it has intrigue, it has twists and turns! I can't wait to read her next book.


JP McGuirk

The book was awesome. I think it is a home run, and I love the ending! Just an awesome book all around.


Joan Cusack McGuirk



A Shadow of Love is a paranormal romance story of an abused woman and a dead poet. When Annabelle flees her abusive husband and moves into an 1860s farmhouse, she soon learns that she is not alone; she shares her home with Christian, the ghost of a poet who killed himself in 1917.

Christian, Wanting nothing but solitude, tries to scare Annabelle away, but once they come together while she is dreaming, they fall in love. The clock is ticking for Christian, for moments after his hanging, his fiancé magically cursed his spirit to be stuck on earth for one hundred years, and his time is almost up.

With Annabelle’s ex threatening her and the spirit she has fallen in love with on the verge of disappearing, Annabelle becomes obsessed with staying with Christian, and will do anything to be with him.

Being in love with a ghost is bad enough, but for Annabelle, discovering that her true love will be closing over at any moment pushes her over the edge of reckless behavior.