by Amy S Cutler

A poem of mine, My Dead Girl, that I wrote for this Tales to Terrify podcast contest aired today! Thank you Summer Brooks from Slice of SciFi for reading. 

495 | Flash Contest Winners – Tales to Terrify


Who is the dead girl

that follows me around?
Is she lost, now that
I am found?

I am found, because I am me – 
but if that is true,
then who is she?

There is a dead girl
I’m not sure of her name.
She whispers to me,
we sound the same.

She looks like me – 
only she is dead.
She’s there when I wake,
when I lie in bed.

Who is the dead girl
she sounds so sweet,
yet her eyes are dark,
her tone is meek.

This girl of mine – 
she won’t leave my side.
When I call to her,
her mouth opens wide.

And that is when I follow her through the dark.
We sit on a swing
in an empty park.

Who is this dead girl?
This girl is me.
Look in my eyes,
now do you see?

The girl is me.
The girl is you.

Just take our hand,
and you’ll see her too.