Short horror fiction podcast Tales to Terrify features Amy S. Cutler’s poem, “Light as a Feather”.

Light as a Feather
by Amy S Cutler

I didn’t mean to kill him
out on this lonely road,
where I’ve waited for decades
to find my way back home.

I hide upon the daytime,
I walk the road at night.
My death replays at sundown
but I never see the light.

He came along with friends-
a birthday celebration,
not knowing that their game
was a powerful incantation.

Just children on their bicycles
playing a child’s game,
Light as a feather, stiff as a board,
now they’ll never be the same.

I was pulled into his body
when he began to rise,
I screamed right though his mouth,
as I was trapped inside.

He struggled when we parted,
blood pouring from his nose.
I tried to hang on to his life
I tore at his birthday clothes.

I didn’t mean to kill him,
now he’s as lost as I.
No light came for him either,
as he didn’t want to die.

A ghost that kills the living
will never find the light,
and as he walks beside me,
he calls upon the night.

Posters scattered all about
saying have you seen my boy,
it was his life, and his friends,
that I alone destroyed.

This road is filled with sadness,
and so many have been lost.
Before you play games with the dead,
you should really know the cost.