By Amy S Cutler
As read in the Holiday Horror facebook episode by The Rejected

am real. I could feel your warmth as you unwrapped me, could smell Christmas breakfast on your breath when you took me out of the box.

I am real. I could see the dandruff on your fleece pajamas as you held me close to you.

I am real. I could hear the way you sighed when you first saw me. Sadness seeped through your thank you. Your parents might not know it, but I do: you are disappointed.

Why don’t you want me?

You wished for a real dog, and what you got was me. You see me as a stuffed toy. You don’t think that I am real. But I am, you just don’t know it yet

But you will, soon enough, when you fall asleep. You will see me in your dreams. I will talk to you, and play with you, and never leave your side. I will be the best friend you always wanted, all you have to do is close your eyes, and fall asleep. I will be waiting for you, night after night, until you believe that I am as real and alive as you are.

I don’t have a pulse. I don’t even have a heart. But I do have a soul, and you are now my soulmate. Best friends. And while you dream, we will play, and you can talk to me about anything. I will talk to you, too, and in time I will be in your head all the time. While awake, while you slumber, even in death.

I am watching you now, as you close your eyes. So close to the truth that I wish I could wag my cotton tail.

And when you close your eyes for the last time, we will be together. Forever and ever.