I’m excited to announce the launch of Amy S. Cutler’s blog tour of A Shadow of Love. Join us as we share more about this intriguing novel, interview the author, and give away a copy of the book. This is a perfect book for anyone who loves a good ghost story, love story, or a story about healing.
First, here’s more about this novel:
When Annabelle flees her abusive husband and moves into an 1860’s farmhouse, she soon learns that she is not alone; she shares her home with Christian, the ghost of a poet who killed himself in 1917. Christian, wanting nothing but solitude, tries to scare Annabelle away, but once they come together while she is dreaming, they fall in love. The clock is ticking for Christian, for moments after his hanging his fiance magically cursed his spirit to be stuck on earth for one hundred years, and his time is almost up.
With Annabelle’s ex threatening her and the spirit she has fallen in love with on the verge of disappearing, Annabelle becomes obsessed with staying with Christian, and will do anything to be with him.
Being in love with a ghost is bad enough, but for Annabelle, discovering that her true love will be crossing over at any moment pushes her over the edge of reckless behavior.
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
ISBN-10: 1684339402
ISBN-13: 978-1684339402
Print length: 163 pages
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About the Author, Amy S. Cutler
Amy S Cutler, author of A Shadow of Love, earned her master’s degree in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Most recently she was published in Slut Vomit: An Anthology of Sex Work, and featured in the Tales to Terrify Podcast, among others. Her writing focus is suspense, horror, science fiction, and ghost stories. She can be contacted through AmysHippieHut.com.
You can also follow her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.
—- Interview by Nicole Pyles
WOW: Congratulations on your novel! Where did your novel idea come from? 
Amy: That’s a good question – I certainly did not set out to write a love story! I have always been in love with ghost stories and the idea of an afterlife. I have quite a bit of experience with haunted houses, as the house in the story is based on my parents’ house in upstate New York. It began with an image of a woman moving into the house all by herself, and the simple question of, what would it be like to live here all alone, knowing that there is a ghost living with you? The story had no clear path when I began writing, and this love story between a living woman and a ghost just sort of emerged.
WOW: I’m so intrigued that you based the house in the story on your parent’s house! So, what was your revision process like?
Amy: Revisions frighten me! Revisions create a ripple effect, and one must be so diligent in making sure that any changes made are followed through with. About a third of the way into this novel, I changed the point of view from third to first person. I’m so happy that I did that, but it was a challenge to make sure that every single “she” was changed to an “I.” I had read the pages several times and still found sentences like, “Annabelle gazed out of the window,” when clearly it should have read, “I gazed out of the window.”
Once I was finished with the novel, I printed it out and read it as slowly as I could, making lots of notes in the margin. Once I went back and made any changes/fixes, I asked a few other people close to me to do the same. After that, I hired an editor and was both amazed and horrified by what she found. Once my book was accepted by my publisher, Black Rose Writing, they recommended the ProWritingAid software, which I personally love and will likely use for future manuscript revisions.
There were so many eyes on my story, and I had read it so many times, but I was still so scared when I received my very first copy that I would find mistakes.
WOW: The revision process is such a challenge! Why did you decide to go back and get your master’s degree in creative writing?
Amy: I have wanted to write books for as far back into my life as I can remember, yet I always stopped at short stories. I LOVE writing short stories, they are easy for me and it’s pretty much instant gratification. Novels seemed daunting, yet it is always what I have wanted to do. The waves of life make it so easy to forget your dreams. Thinking of this one day, I had an epiphany that if I wanted to truly live the life I have always wanted, I needed a push. Going back to school gave me the push that I needed, and it is the best decision I have made for myself.
While at Goddard I learned the most important life lesson thus far: Do not ask for permission to be who you are. You do not need anyone’s permission but your own, and while there, I granted myself permission to be a writer.
WOW: What a fantastic lesson! How did writing flash fiction and short fiction pieces help you write your novel? 
Amy: When I sit down to write a piece of flash fiction or short story, I just write. The idea surfaces, I sit down, and before I know it, the story is finished. When I sit down to write a novel, I spend a lot of time thinking. Of course, a novel is way more involved than a shorter piece – you’ve got more characters, more plot, and most importantly, more words. The benefit of having experience with short fiction is that I have learned to just write; to stop thinking (aka researching, aka procrastinating), and just put fingers to the keyboard and put words on the page. Sometimes I think that if I didn’t write short stories, I would never find the ability to get out of my own head and work on a novel.
WOW: I love how short stories have helped you! I’m quite fascinated by where you work for your day job! As an Executive Manager of a ski area, does that inspire your writing at all? And if so, how?
Amy: I think that being a writer inspires how I do my job more than my job inspires me as a writer. Yes, of course the people that surround me at the ski area definitely give me lots of good material and I could base a character off so many of them, but it’s my work as a writer that gives me insight into people. Creating characters and making them multi-dimensional requires being able to see the many sides of people and has taught me that just because a person acts or presents themselves in a certain way does not mean that is all there is to them. It helps with customer service issues, how I deal with a problem or complaint, and just the way I treat people in general.
Being in a winter business also gives me time in the summer to really focus on my writing life. While we work year-round, there is a lot less pressure in the summer months, and I thoroughly enjoy my more relaxed schedule. There is, however, something to be said for the noise of the mountain during the winter, the hum of the snow guns and chatter of people tend to make my mind wander and nudge me into pulling my laptop or notebook out even on the busiest of days.
WOW: That’s so profound that your writing helps you see people as more complex and not just one-sided. What are you working on now that you can tell us about? 
Amy: I am so excited about the novel I am working on. This story resonates with the space I am in my own life, grappling with large questions of my soul’s purpose. This is a very mystical story, and one of the secondary characters from A Shadow of Love plays a larger role in this still untitled story of reincarnation, a soul’s journey, healing, fear, sorrow, and love.
WOW: That sounds so exciting! I can’t wait for it to come out. Thank you for your time and enjoy the blog tour!